Journey in Lebanon, Day 3

Day 3

On the third day, we decided to go South. The drive along the old coastal road to Saida has retained some of its old fashioned charm. In Saida we stopped at the fortress in the sea and the soap museum.  Their contemporary cafĂ© offers pre-packed varieties of sweets, cakes and jams. My favourite is their honey-filled ghoraibi, a type of sable pastry which melts in your mouth.

Marianne attracted the attention of dozens of school girls who wanted to practice speaking English and were curious to know all about her.

A walk through the old town and we came across freshly cut shoots of wild thyme and ripe loquats (aki dunia in Arabic or nespole in Italian) on sale.


Fresh Thyme leaves, these are dried and used in the Zaatar mix 

Another type of wild thyme, the tips are used in salads and the rest in pickles and cooking

Saida is also the home of Seniora (both the name of the former prime minister and that of small sable type sweet served either plain or stuffed with pistachios.

Plain seniora, its light and melts in your mouth

Pitachio filled seniora 

Lunch was on the move and we sample street food at its best: a sandwich of  falafel.  These are small patties made with uncooked beans, chickpeas, burghol and spices.  Deep fried, they served wrapped in Arabic bread with tahini sauce, parsley, and tomato and turnip pickle. 

Frying the Falafel

Falafel sandwich

We then headed to Tyre walked around the ruins by the sea on a beautifully sunny afternoon and heard news of the erupting volcano in Iceland.

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