Journey in Lebanon, day 5

Day Five

Today we took a stroll through Ahrafieh and Saifi in Beirut. We stopped at Bokja a furniture shop with a difference. Lunch at Mandaloun café consisted of cheese wraps and Turkish coffee.
Still worried about how to get back to London we headed home to make phone calls and send emails.

Dinner was at Mounir’s, one of the main Lebanese restaurants. The restaurant had many tables with large family groups bringing together old and young. The Lebanese mode of living is based on conviviality which is defined by its mezza, a selection of dishes that you share and take the time to enjoy with a drink. Hindbe, (dandelion leaves) rocket and beetroot salad, fresh thyme and purslane salad, hommos with kawarma and spicy sausages (makanek) were some of the many dishes we ordered. We then had a mixed grill with Chicken Tawook, Kafta and grilled beef and finished the feast with arishe bi assal and a large selection of fruits.