Journey in Lebanon, day 6

Day Six

A visit to Lebanon is never complete without a visit of the roman ruins of Baalbek. After a long drive and a manoushe stop we arrived to Baalbeck in the mid-day sun and were met by calming song of the muezzins in the background. We had to eat Sfiha, a meat and pine nut filled pastry, speciality of the the town. Contrary to general expectation it is actually prepared and baked at the butcher who conveniently has an oven in the back of the shop. We were told that the best butcher is Awada and headed his way.
You first buy a quantity of minced meat and then they proceed very skilfully at making these little squares of meat filled pastry. Ten minutes later you are presented with a large dish of baked pastries and some lemon wedges for squeezing.

We then drove on to Kefraya, wine makers. We tasted the wine and ordered nibbles with our drink in a sheltered outdoor restaurant. The vast expanse of the Bekaa valley with its neat rows of vines shimmered in the afternoon light.

We decided that there are many aspects to Lebanon which surprise the visitor: a varied landscape terrain, two currencies, several languages and innumerable food varieties. 

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