It's the season! Green Almonds nibbles

I received in the mail today a precious parcel of green almonds from the South of France. By ‘green’ I mean well-formed but unripe almonds, which in Lebanon we eat, dipped in salt and serve as amuse-bouche with a drink.

Loz Akhdar as we call it, is a delicacy and I have to admit a bit of an acquired taste. The fruit have a velvety texture and a delicate crunch. Tart but not acidic they have the aroma of spring blooms.

Green almonds like the ‘madeleine’ of Proust, conjure up images from the past.  Flurries of delicate flowers, anemones in the fields, and the excitement of more to come: tart greengages, juicy loquats or the first tender shoots of wild thyme.

Photos and almonds courtesy  fo Kaleen Gaypara

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