Easter eggs

This beautiful basket of eggs was given as present at a party we went to yesterday. Home made, the eggs were coloured using beetroot and onion skins. The lady who had brought them, also explained to us the symbolism behind this Eastern tradition.  The colour red symbolises the blood of Christ, the rounded egg shape is the closed tomb and the breaking of eggs on Easter morning means the resurrection. Lots of myths and stories about this, one that I particularly like is about the women who had gone to visit Christ's tomb while carrying baskets of eggs. They discovered that the tomb was open, the body gone and their eggs had turned into multicoloured shades!
Happy Easter!

To colour eggs with natural dyes, you can use turmeric for yellow, red onion skins and beetroot for red, paprika and brown onion skins for a rust colour. Add eggs, a little vinegar and boil all together.
rub with a little oil to give them a sheen.

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