Maria Rosario Lazzati Niada

 Today The Libaliano Kitchen lost its taste.

My friend and cooking partner Maria Rosario Lazzati Niada passed away.

Maria was an adventurous, courageous and generous soul. She was an instinctive ambassador to Italian food and culture though she was always curious to see the world. She travelled to Lebanon on many occasions, interested in meeting people, making new friends, and delighting in the food. 

She was always busy cooking, and enjoyed sharing dishes with friends and neighbours. You could always see her carrying a bag of food that she would deliver to one person who was sick in bed,  to another who had given birth, or to a young student who was new to London. Her dinner parties, were always diverse, full of colour, and taste. She would often say that the essence of food is conviviality and her fare was a natural expression of her generous and lively spirit.

Maria, my friend, I will miss you. 

Cooking, talking, and writing about food will never be the same again.

My heart goes to her family, Marco her husband and Andrea her son

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